Introducing the book

Original Coloring Pages Created for Fun With Tea

Several artists contributed original drawings for us to use as coloring pages to entertain young children.

Original tea songs for children . . . and the tea lovers still young at heart.

Musician, Zack David, worked on this little song  . . .

Some simple and affordable do-it-yourself tea party decorations.

Download patterns for simple crafting of decorations.

Tea Poetry

We’ve tracked down some older teatime poetry and have accepted submissions from new writers

Expo Attendee Special

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

5 Books for $20.00  (Limit 2 sets)

  •    4 Emma Lea picture books
  •    1  “Fun With Tea”

Retail Value   $83.80

Through December 20, 2014

Blue Gate Books Intro Package


6 Books for $30.00   (Limit 2 sets)

  • 4 Emma Lea hardcover picture books
  • 1 “Fun With Tea”
  • 1 “Everything Healthy Tea”

Retail Value $100.79

Through Dec. 20, 2014

2014 Holiday Special

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

 18 Books for $130.00

  • 3 – The Everything Healthy Tea Book
  • 3 – Fun With Tea
  • 3 – Emma Lea’s First Tea Party
  • 3 – Emma Lea’s Magic Teapot
  • 3 – Emma Lea’s First Tea Ceremony
  • 3 – Emma Lea’s Tea With Daddy

Retail Value $302.37

Through Dec. 20, 2014

What Some Of Our Readers Are Saying

“This cute little book is great for readers of all ages. It is aimed at children, but–come on!–who wouldn’t want to play with tea puzzles, relax with coloring tea kettles, and learn some new tea songs? For the musically inclined, there is even sheet music to play. I particularly enjoyed this because I play several instruments. Just having catchy lyrics is not enough; I want to hear the rhythm. There are inspirational quotes, places for journaling, drawing prompts, arts and crafts projects, and more. What’s also really fun is that there are cut-outs ready for use. There’s even instructions for making a traditional paper tea lantern, which was nice. The games included can be a bit silly, but they are fun and would make great ice-breakers for older people. The recipes included in this book are easy yet delectable, too. Overall, this” book is a must-have. It’s both extremely fun and extremely practical.”

T. J. Konopka

“I bought my book on the first day of the NW Tea Festival in Seattle and took it home for my daughter. But as we were looking through it, I realized that it’s really for all ages. It’s full of stuff that we do together. I love it that the patterns are simple enough to copy and then let our imaginations go wild. And the songs are easy to learn and sing – even though I don’t have a great voice. They’re like easy folk songs.”

Amanda Chapman

“At first I thought that a paperback of activities for children like coloring pages and a few recipes was a bit expensive at $16. If that was all it was, the price would be a little too high. But as I flipped through and realized that there were a number of patterns for which I would pay about $5 each if I downloaded them online and then the songs, etc., then I thought of it as a value. I’ve given copies to my friends who have grandchildren, both boys and girls who frequently have teatimes and they’re already getting into it. I think my favorite suggestion was the one about sharing video tea parties with Skype and FaceTime. Why didn’t I think of that? ”

Leni M . . .

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