Tea Party Decorations

Do-It-Yourself decorations that can make your party even more fun.

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Tea Party Garland

This festive idea can be used in many ways – as a simple and inexpensive decoration or as a craft project during a children’s tea party, as part of a game or as a small take-home party favor.

 Teapot Garland

Download Teapot Pattern PDF                   Download Teacup & Saucer Pattern PDF

What you need:

  • Colorful cardstock or heavyweight paper
  • Ribbon or other material as the string
  • Markers or crayons
  • Glue (optional)

Using the simple teapot and teacup patterns, trace or photocopy onto your paper. Cut them out and space them evenly along the ribbon or string. You can alternate the teapots and teacups or use only one pattern. Tying a loose knot in the string or securing it with a bow or a bit of glue helps keep them from sliding.

Teapots for Garland

What we like about this project:

  • This is an inexpensive decoration that can easily be stored and used repeatedly if you have regular tea party events or fundraisers.
  • Children can participate by coloring and decorating.
  • There are many creative variations on the basic instructions.

Options 1: Use colorful, decorative paper that you might find in craft supply stores for scrapbook art. Selecting the right size paper or cutting paper to fit into your printer allows you to print directly onto the paper, eliminating the tracing step.

Option 2: You can print the names of your guests on the teapots or teacups, perhaps adding a little thank-you on the backside as a take home party favor. If you want to use the decorations during the party, one way to remove them quickly and easily is to make two and glue them at the top so they slip over the ribbon and hang down.

Option 3: Print tea quotes by famous people on the surface to entertain your guests. There are quotes from children’s literature, by those characters and authors, as well as quotes by authors who write for adults. (We’ve included some popular quotes in Section 5 – Resources, page 106.)

Option 4: Use the teapot garland to decorate a tree for your event so that it looks like a Christmas tree – no matter what the season! This looks better with smaller teapots and teacups so just reduce the pattern with a photocopier.

Option 5: Rather than using ribbon they can be tied in the spaces between the bulbs of cool, LED decorative lights. Use ribbon to tie them on, letting them dangle a bit so they move with a bit of breeze.

Option 6: Create your garland by decorating a teapot or teacup each time you have tea together. Beginning with the first one, you might jot a note about what you did together, what tea you served, who joined you as guests or write out your entire menu. Then, every time you have tea together, bring it out and add another piece to your garland and plan to hang it at your next tea.

Option 7: Use the cinnamon and applesauce dough rather than paper to add to your garland, giving a sweet, spicy scent to the room. These also make nice gifts. But you will probably want to reduce the size of the patterns we’ve provided or find cookie cutters shaped like teapots or teacups.

Cinnamon dough recipe:

  • 2 cups of applesauce
  • 3 cups of cinnamon (look for restaurant-sized containers from discount stores)
  • 1 tablespoon of white glue

Prepare the dough and roll out a thick sheet. Dry for about 2 hours at 200 degrees F. or allow to air-dry for several days. Baking them just prior to the party fills the room with a sweet cinnamon smell.