A Teatime Project

Build Your Own Tiny Tearoom


As teatime becomes a more important part of your young child’s playtime, this idea might be a wonderful project to make together. Things like this tend to be some of the most remembered toys and shared moments when children look back on childhood to recall simple joys.

It’s an old joke — that the child loved the box more than the toy! In this case, recycling large appliances boxes can inspire the most creative playtimes. Children love to have their own secret spaces and it’s easy to make a small inside tearoom out of a large cardboard box like a refrigerator or washing machine box. Decorate as a comfy cottage, ancient castle or Samuari warrior’s meditation room. (Remember that boys enjoy teatimes and quiet spaces too.)

What you need:

  • An empty, cardboard refrigerator box
  • Utility knife (for adults only)
  • Latex wall paint – for the surface
  • Acrylic paint – to paint on details
  • Paint brushes

Preparing your box:

Paint the surface of the box – inside and out if you wish. You may need two coats of paint to cover the printing on your box. Then draw where you want to put the windows and door.

Cut out the windows and door. (This is the adult job.)


Paint on the details to give your “tiny teahouse” its personal flair. If you’re stuck for ideas, visit the website – www.Fun-With-Tea.com – for ideas and how-to suggestions.