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Long Distance Tea Party

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There are times when we can use tea gatherings as an incentive to disconnect from technology and the tendency to be constantly connected with phones and Internet. But, when the people who are important to us live far away, it’s nice to use the same technology to connect and “be live” with video calls. This is like magic – especially to those of us who didn’t grow up with technology and instant access to friends and family who are far away. There are now several ways to schedule video calls for free or for very little. Skype and Google Hangouts are two of the best known and there are readily available tutorials for both programs. Here are some basic suggestions for sharing teatime virtually.

Practice making a video call:

Watch the tutorials, take notes and then practice making a call before scheduling your tea party.

Create your plan:

Start with the basics: guest list, day and time, theme and menu. Of course, it’s also wonderful to be simple and spontaneous. You may want a simple tea-for-two or a much larger group. With a large group, one person should be designated as the moderator for the call.

Send the invitations:

If you are sending snail mail invitations, consider including a teabag so that everyone attending your party phone call can easily share the same flavor. You might share recipes for the treats and have everyone make them in time to share — everyone enjoying the same tea and treats.

More elaborate:

Prepare treats that are easy to mail and create a tea party in a box along with the tea teacups. Suggest that your guests have their water simmering before the call but everyone opens their box at the same time, brews their tea and enjoys their treats.

Set a time to begin and to end:

Like any party, it’s good to have a basic idea of what you plan to do and how long it will take. Communicating this usually reduces the possibility that feeling will be hurt if one of the guests has a time conflict and needs to leave before the party is officially over.

What’s different about a video call and a video tea party?

Just as an afternoon snack can be made more special and memorable by calling it teatime, sharing tea with friends as you meet via video calls is transformed by the intention of teatime and the extra effort you add to make it special.

Record the call:

Some of the video calling services provide the tools to record your session. Like a home movie, this is one way to save memories of our older family members to pass along to the next generations.