A Month of Tea . . . Brewing

Month of Tea brewing - Day 1

Day 1

Brewing: Microwave water in heat-proof jar

Tea: Constant Comment

Month of Tea Brewing - Day 2

Day 2

Brewing: Fill-them-yourself teabags

Tea: Make your own tea blends

Day 3

Brewing:  Tea Fobs, Single-serving infusers

Teas: Kukicha, Muaritius, Devonshire Grey

Day 4

Brewing: Single-cup infuser tea set from T-Spot

Tea: Green Diamond Tea from Doke Valley, India

Day 5

Brewing: Personal-sized teapot with fitted infuser basket

Tea:  Duchess Anna, Blended & Flavored Tea

Month of Tea Brewing - Day 6 - with Babette Donaldson

Day 6

Brewing: Poorly designed, western-style teapot

Tea:  Nilgiri, black tea from India

Video demonstration from Month of Tea - Two Teapot Method with Western-style teapots and Ratnapura Tea from Ceylon.

Day 7

Brewing: Western-Style teapots with a 2-teapot method

Tea: Ceylon Tea from the Ratnapura district

Day 8

Brewing Method: Glass & plastic teapot, lightweight for children

Tea: Grammy’s Fruity Herbal Blend

Day 9

Brewing Method: Modern Chinese tea set

Tea: Lao Shan Green

Month of tea brewing - Day 10 - with Babette Donaldson,

Day 10

Brewing Method: Small glass teapot with wire strainer

Tea: Hawaiian White

Day 11

Brewing Method:  Jason Chen’s Automatic Brewer

Tea: Pi Lo Chun

Day 12

Brewing Method: One-touch release brewer

Tea: Keemun & Nepalese Black

Day 13

Brewing Method:  Slim 3-piece glass infuser

Tea: Jing Shan Tribute Tea

Day 14

Brewing Method:  Cold Brewing

Teas:  Cacao Husks, Puerh, White (Anxi)

Blossoming Tea, Month of Tea, Day 15, with Babette Donaldson.

Day 15

Brewing Method: Blossoming Tea in Brandy Snifter

Tea: Blossoming Tea

Day 16

Brewing Method:  Glass Pitchers

Tea:  Darjeeling, Moonshine, Glenburn Estate, India

Brewing tea with professional cupping sets. Babette Donaldson demonstrates a way to compare two darjeeling teas.

Day 17

Brewing Method: Cupping Sets

Tea: Muscatel Darjeeling

Babete Donaldson demonstrates a gaiwan to brew Dragonwell - a famous Chinese green tea.

Day 18

Brewing Method: Gaiwan

Tea: Dragonwell

Babette Donaldson brews Jasmine Pearls in a traditional Chinese gaiwan.

Day 19

Brewing Method: Gaiwan II

Tea:  Jasmine Pearls

Month of tea with Babette Donaldson continues with a green tea from Huangtian, China brewed with a travel set.

Day 20

Brewing Method:  Tea Travel Set

Tea: Huangtian Green

Babette shares tea brewing with Mike Fritts at the historic Wakamatsu Tea & Silk Colony.

Day 21

Brewing Method:  Outdoor brewing with a Kyusu

Tea: Golden Feather, Late Harvest

Day 22

Brewing Method: Double-Walled Glass To-Go Bottles

Tea:  Dark Rose Hearts

Day 22

Brewing Method: Prepackaged To-Go Drip

Tea: Genmaicha

Day 24

Brewing Method: Tea in a Restaurant & To-Go French Press

Tea: Russian Caravan

Day 25

Brewing Method: Unusual Chinese Teapot

Tea: Purple Tea

Day 26

Brewing Method: Cooking stovetop chai

Tea: Reena’s Chai

Day 27

Tea Brewing Method:  Practical glass kyusu

Tea: Sencha

Day 28

Brewing Method: Chawan & Whisk

Tea: Matcha

Day 29

Brewing Method: Tetsubin – Cast Iron Teapot

Tea: Genmaicha

Day 30

Brewing Method: Chinese style teapot

Tea: Jung Shan Yellow Tea

Day 31

Brewing Method: Multiple Infusion

Tea: Oolong – Da Hong Pao

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