Celebrate A Month of Tea - January 2015

You are invited to join our Month of Tea Celebration with: 

  • An email a day during January
  • A daily 3-5 minute video of a different brewing technique
  • Brewing 31 different teas

Beginning with 3 assumptions:

1. That every tea has something to teach us – from well-known brands to rare, whole leaf teas.
2. That the method of brewing dramatically changes the taste of every tea.
3. Most importantly, that preparing tea should be simple and fun.

Our Celebrations Begins in . . .








Babette Donaldson, author of The Everything Healthy Tea Book & The Emma Lea Books along with publisher, Blue Gate Books, invites you to join a celebration of Hot Tea Month and 31 days of brewing . . . 31 different teas. In a series of home videos demonstrating she shares some favorite, practical, unusual, historic and creative ways to brew tea. 

This “live” event is available during January 2015 but you are invited to join now or at any time during the month long celebration. Invite friends to share the fun. Just forward the URL of this page or share it with your own social media network.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this about rare and expensive teas?

Yes . . . and No!  We will use some very popular brand name teas as well as a couple of teas with such limited availability that you might have trouble locating them. But our month of tea series is for everyone. Even newcomers to tea who may never have tried more than dunking a teabag of Lipton in a mug of boiling water.

Every tea has a story. Appreciating how they all contribute to a vast worldwide tea community increases the pleasure of our tea experiences.

Is it really free?

Absolutely.  There is no charge.

It is also free of advertising and sponsorships by tea companies and manufacturers of the brewing equipment used in each video.


Will the video series be available after Jan. 31st?

Depending on the success of this project, we may use the 31 videos in other projects.

We’ll let subscribers know!

Do you have more questions about our Month of Tea?

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