Tea Party Decorations

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A Paper Teacup Party Decoration

This is a craft that can be used as a party activity for older children, a party decoration made in advance, or just something for a fun afternoon. One of the reasons we like it is because we’ve been able to recycle greeting cards, old file folders, cut-off ends of wallpaper and lots of sewing scraps. 


What you need:

  • Pattern follows the instruction
  • Heavy paper or cardstock (like a Manila folder)
  • Glue – a clear, quick-drying glue works best (Mod-Podge, Allene’s Tacky Glue or a hot glue gun)
  • Scissors, markers, crayons
  • Other decorations such as glitter, lace, felt, colored tissue paper
  • Clothes pins, paper clips or tape (options to help hold the cup while the glue dries)

Copy the pattern onto your paper:

If you remove the pattern from the book or download the PDF of the pattern from the website, you can use a copy machine to print it directly onto standard sized paper. It can easily be enlarged or reduced as well. One old-fashioned method is to either trace the pattern or use carbon paper (very old-fashioned method!) to transfer the design onto another sheet of paper.


Copying onto pre-printed paper like that available at scrapbooking craft shops is one quick way to make a quantity for a large event. If this is a craft project for children, have them decorate the cup pieces before cutting the paper.

Cutting & Gluing:

Cut out all the pieces and check that you see how they will fit together before gluing. There is a cut line indicated on the glue strip for the handle to make it easier to cut inside the small space.

The handle tab is glued to the overlap.

The two small circles are glued to the inside of the saucer and to the underside of the saucer to cover the snipped points.

The saucer: Snipping the lines in the base of the saucer that look like the spoke of a bicycle wheel help it sit flat. The two 1″ circles are optional covers to hide these snipped points – inside where the teacup will be glued and the other and on the outside or underside (the bottom). Finish the saucer before gluing the teacup to it.

Plan to work slowly when gluing, allowing for enough time for glue to dry between each step.

The teacup:  Be sure to glue the handle in place on the glue strip before gluing the teacup sides together. Hold it together until the glue sets or clip it together with a paperclip.

The final step is to put a ring of glue on the bottom of the teacup and position it in the center of the saucer, holding it in place while it dries.