Meet some of the talented people who added their dash of fun to teatime.

Babette Donaldson

Babette is the creator and editor of Fun With Tea and designed many of the projects. She also wrote the lyrics to the tea song, “When The Kettle Whistles”.

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Zack David Thieman

A singer/songwriter originally from Minneapolis, MN currently serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru working with the youth and children of the northern coast.

Catherine Archer-Wills

Catherine lives in Devon, UK where she works as a freelance designer, doing everything from painting pub signs to designing websites, and from illustrating children’s books to making jewelery.

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Nani Matana

Nani is an artist, poet and avid gardener currently living in Grants Pass, OR. Her writing and drawing are integrated into her work as an alternative healer.

Alyssa Baker

Alyssa is a wonderful artist we discovered through when we wanted someone to put personality in a series of teapot people coloring pages. We’re looking forward to learning more about her very soon. But you can “meet” her on Fiverr through the link below.

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