Fun Tea Party Recipes

Bas-Relief Teapot Cake

Bas-Relief is the term for sculpture that usually hangs on the wall so the back side is flat. But the front has been carved with detail. With this cake, instead of trying to make the teapot stand up, a large layer cake serves as the background for a half of a teapot. This is easer to construct and decorate. It also serves more people, requiring the equivalent of cake recipes to make.

When pricing a professionally decorated teapot cake at a local bakery it was surprising to hear that it will be between $200-$300. Work of art that it is, this is a bit out of most tea party budgets so we created a more affordable option that is also a great family project. Even little fingers can help with mixing and decorating.

Serves 16-20

Teapot cake - a bas relief cake sitting on a flat sheet cake serves a large tea party and is a little easier to make than the 3-D teapot cake.

We used the Wilton prepared fondant to decorate this teapot cake. They offer a 4-pack of primary colors already rolled into sheets. The “steam” is made from (candy) red vine strings.

What you need:

  • Ingredients to prepare a double batch of your favorite cake mix or recipe
  • One 9″ x 13″ rectangular baking pan
  • One 8″ round baking pans
  • One side of the sphere baking set
  • Your favorite frosting recipe, doubled if you want to decorate with color
  • Food dye for frosting if desired
  • Edible decorations – fondant, candies, sprinkles, colored sugars, crystalized violets, etc.
Sphere Baking Pan Set to make a 3 dimensional teapot cake.

The set includes 4 pieces. There are the 2 halves of the cake pan and 2 rings to hold them level during baking.

Baking your cakes:

Prepare both batches of your cake mix or recipe – enough to bake one 9″ x 13″ and one 8″ round layers – according to the directions on the box or instructions provided with your recipe. Bake. Remove from pans. Allow the layers to cool completely before cutting or assembling.

Cutting the teapot spout, handle and lid:

Using the 8″ round, flat layer cake cut about 3″ from one side. Slice it in two thin pieces. One piece will be for the lid. Cut the other thin piece into a “C” for the handle. Cut another section of the round layer, slice another thin layer and fashion it into a spout.


Prepare the double batch of frosting. Use two small dollops to anchor the 9″ x 13″ cake to a large caterer’s cake cardboard or large platter and cover with frosting. Center the full circle in the middle of the rectangle and press it lightly into the frosting. Line up the handle, lid and spout, pressing a dollop of frosting where each one attaches to the main round layer. Cover the entire teapot form with frosting.


There are hundreds of ways to decorate your Teapot Cake. The simplest is to have two different colors of frosting with some contrast so that the teapot is obvious. Using cake decorating tools, an outline can be added where the teapot sits on the rectangular base. Lines can also be made with red licorice strings. Decorations can be candies or edible flowers. You might also consider using fondant (page102) to form a flat version of the lid, handle and spout.